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1. Low Emission Zone and Urban Access Control Injaas De Mul +32 (0) 491 71 03 50 sales@macq.eu www.macq.eu/ urbanaccessregulations.eu/ Web: MACQ sa/nv Rue de l’Aéronef, 2 1140 Brussels - BE +32 (2) 610.15.00 www.macq.eu contact@macq.eu Technical details: Macq is the uncontested authority in fully automated & integrated ANPR camera solutions for Low Emission Zones and (Urban) Access Control. Our cameras are successfully used by some of the most demanding clients worldwide (Governments, Law enforcement). Just over 70 police regions have installed our products throughout Belgium and are managed (operated) providing a high level of reliability (100% proven technology ‘in the field’). Macq designs and supplies its own fully integrated smart technology (cameras, imaging software and central data management software). Everything is in-house developed by our engineers, with special care for easy automated operation and extreme low maintenance. All our solutions are certified to the latest European standards and regulations or are approval pending. That is why Macq should be your preferred partner to optimise the quality of life of your citizens and to prepare the future mobility of your city. Why Macq? 100% Proven & Smart Technology Easy to implement Less NOISE pollution Improve Quality of Life Less AIR pollution 100% Full in house Development Improve Safety Automated 24/7 Access Control – 365 day per year

2. Will your city also enter the future of smart mobility ? What does Macq off er to you ? The most innovative cities have recently deployed measures to improve both the QUALITY OF LIFE and the HEALTH of their citizens, by reducing air pollution created by traffi c. At the same time, by discouraging heavy duty traffi c, they signifi cantly improved the SAFETY and urban living ATMOSPHERE in the heart of their city centers. Why is it so important? Air pollution is believed to be responsible for 310.000 premature deaths in Europe each year! This is more deaths than caused by road accidents. A LEZ aims at reducing the emission of the three air pollutants of major concern in Europe: fi ne particles, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. Air pollution shortens our lifetime. But young children, older citizens and those with heart and lung diseases are especially aff ected. Air pollution also triggers health problems like asthma. It increases hospital admissions and sick days. Diesel emissions have been classifi ed as carcinogenic (causing cancer) by the World Health Organisation. In addition, the discouragement and reduction of heavy duty traffi c in city centers also improves safety and reduces noise. Hence it can signifi cantly improve the quality of life and urban atmosphere. It can change citizens’ mentality (walking, cycling) and even drive city vehicle innovations (hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles). Finally, cost eff ective accessibility to a LEZ stimulates the upgrade and renewal of vehicles of all those that need to travel to the city (suppliers, etc). As such, a LEZ indirectly also improves the air quality in the greater urban area of a city. As per our client specifi c requirements, we off er a 100% fully integrated and automated solution. Fully tailored to your specifi c needs, completely designed in-house and 100% compliant with all European standards and regulations. This complete puzzle contains two important items as below: • Fully integrated smart IP camera • Next generation ANPR product • 100% reliable proven technology • Fast and easy installation • Covers 2 lanes, installed on gantry or pole • All weather operation • Updateable and manageable network • Low power consumption Mobility • Travel time • Access regulation • Free zone • ... Safety • Traffi c incident • ADR vehicle detection • dangerous goods or ADR tracking • ... Security • Search list detection • Not allowed trucks • Overtaking truck • ... What is a LEZ ? A L ow E mission Z one (LEZ) is an urban area where the most polluting vehicles are banned (or at least their entry is discouraged fi nancially by toll or fi nes). Vehicle emissions are classifi ed by European Standards . Before traveling to the LEZ area, a driver must therefore fi nd out if his vehicle complies with the standards. Typically older cars, busses or trucks will not comply. At the borders of the LEZ, ANPR cameras ( A utomated N umber P late R ecognition) register and recognize all vehicles that enter the LEZ. An integrated software system will then automatically process and manage the data. An automated, reliable LEZ operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with minimal intervention or maintenance. iCAR ANPR camera: M3 mobility management software: For more information about iCAR & M3 visit our website


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