Our company
A century of innovation !!!

Innovation and Research demonstrates our potential.

Founded 94 years ago in Brussels,
Macq is a company of experts and engineers grouped together around a single mission:
innovating every day to simplify its customers’ professions.

Our company is now an essential partner
for Traffic and Automation-related professions
because we have always earned customer trust.

Our mission :
"always in search of innovative and simple solutions"

Macq is above all a group of experts and engineers
focused on one single mission :
To innovate everyday in order to simplify its clients’ business. 

Research and development, because we believe!

Research and development represents 30% of our turnover!

A multidisciplinary team of young researchers at its service:
industrial electronics, real time computing, video image analysis.
Our R & D, we invest in:
• The products that we develop and redevelop to maintain our advance
• Our innovative and custom-built projects for our customers
• Our research projects with universities
• Our end of study work projects:
each year we welcome students within our R & D team.
They enter an ideal environment helping express their talent and creativity.
• The most talented students are then hired!

Macq does not seek out patent possibilities!
We like our ideas too much to imprison them in patents and sell them by the kilo…

At the very heart of our R & D : creativity and generosity.


Is your business looking for the right solution ? Our response is innovation. For us, innovation means sharing our ideas and skills with our clients to support them in getting the most out of their technological potential.

Simple solutions
for long lasting

Simplification is an art.
 If a control system is simple to operate, it is because its design is simple and made to last.
Macq: timeless solutions, creations and products.

give up

Projects are never easy.
 Be warned: there are always obstacles, big or small.
But there are always solutions ! ;

A familly story on three generations

  • 1923

    Macq and Cie were founded

    Clément Macq, passionate about radio, became an entrepreneur! He designed his first wireless receiver

  • 1946


    Spectography equipment was created, which opened a path to industrial electronics

  • 1961

    First digital voltmeter

    The first digital voltmeter was designed in Europe: a widely used innovation for studying Concorde structures.

  • 1968

    New generation and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

    Yvon Macq succeeded Clément Macq. It is a key date in the company’s history, with the design of a first generation of programmable logic controllers.

  • 1983

    Industrial process management

    UNIX became the Macq operating system. This is an open and efficient system applied to road traffic management, smart buildings and industrial process management.

  • 1997

    New generation and quality

    François Macq took control over the company’s destiny. This very year, Macq obtained its ISO 9001 certification.

  • 2001

    Smart cameras

    iCAR was created: a range of integrated products for vehicle registration plate recognition, counting and classification.

  • 2010


    Macq Electronique became “macq”! The company left its 50 members of staff limit behind itself and grew.

  • 2016

    Smart Mobility and export

    The growing company develops the salesteam in all around the world and focus in Smart Mobility Projects