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Better quality of life thanks to traffic restrictions in certain areas involving high polluting vehicles.
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Low emission zone:

The air in the biggest cities is often exposed to pollution. Road traffic is responsible for a large proportion of such a situation. Low Emission Zones (LEZ) are areas with restrictions: to vehicles polluting the most, typically older vehicles, or to limit the access for some restricted areas during certain hours of the day to a list of vehicles like for instance inhabitants or family/friends visiting them. To meet the EU Air Quality Standards, many town are considering adopting LEZ programs. M³ software suite is the best option for implementing concrete measures.

Dangerous goods transportation

To reduce the risk of disaster in the cities, the EU is seeking to implement regulations to restrict access for vehicles transporting dangerous goods. Some areas like city tunnels are high risk areas and drastic solutions have been implemented. Real time alerts are really needed to strongly warn drivers via prominent road signs. In parallel and when regulation is broken, local authorities can decide to intercept quickly those vehicles and to administer heavy fines.

Rat running trucks

Trucks are a major source of smog, of toxic chemical pollution, and of fine particle linked to respiratory problems. Most of the trucks are not authorized to cross cities but there are exceptions: making a delivery, loading or servicing. To ensure those exceptions are really the true exceptions, M3 system detects trucks entering the city and leaving this city using the same itinerary or exit road. All other itineraries are flagged as exceptions. Action can then be triggered by the local authorities.

Concrete implementation examples: