Macq Mobility Manager

Strengthen security and protection. M³ for Police is an expert system for detecting suspicious traffic flows and all types of events in your city.
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Automatic identification and recording

Safety and protection

Automatic identification and recording of all vehicles and having the possibility to run powerful searches on a huge data base are the two basic functions required in enforcing traffic rules and improving the feeling of security among citizens.

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Detect, analyse and anticipate instantly

A full feature solution thanks to its base system combined with all options.

Criminal investigation

Automatic road enforcement can further assist crime investigation by cross-referencing vehicle registrations and criminal records for locating stolen vehicles and for identifying suspects on the run.

Transport of dangerous goods

Improve safety and avoid trucks ignoring signs. Trigger emergency procedures when a vehicle dangerous materials signage is detected. To further minimise the risk of disaster the EU is seeking to implement regulations to restrict access for vehicles transporting dangerous goods in city centres. Many areas have already ban vehicles transporting such substances. The enforcement of these requirements must be made effective and this is where M 3 system finds it place.

Average speed control

Average speed control reduced the number of speed offenders efficiently. This technique is relatively new and measure the average speed over a road section of few kilometers. The vehicle is identified when entering and leaving the enforcement section. The system records a vehicle's front number plate at each fixed camera site. As the distance is known between these sites, the average speed can be calculated by dividing this by the time taken to travel between two points

Make, model, colour detection

This goes beyond license plate reading: the captured image of a vehicle is submitted and matched against a database of image samples generated with information gathered from most car and trucks manufacturers. It can create an output with the car details: make (Volkswagen, Renault, Fiat...) and the model (Passat, Clio, Tipo...).In addition, a colour detection can identify the vehicle quickly and requires calibration based on lighting conditions. These three detection techniques help for instance to detect stolen cars with a swapped license plate.

Rat running prevention

"Rat Running" practice often occurs in an attempt to save time. It happens when a vehicle does unauthorised or prohibited short cuts, often through restricted roads or residential areas to avoid traffic jam or traffic restrictions. Crossing those residential areas put the safety of pedestrian and children at risk. Macq Mobility Management system is the perfect fit to record evidence and the reduce such a dangerous behaviour.

Rail security

Securing the flow of traffic at road/rail intersections is a major challenge. The requirements for safety are extremely high. Triggering real-time information enhances reliability and safeguarding of crossroads of road and rail traffic. Two types of system can be controlled. An active traffic control systems warn road users of approaching trains with flashing lights. Another type of active system consists of a barrier between vehicles or pedestrians and trains. M 3 interprets captured images and trigger signals to controls those active systems at the intersection.

Intelligent Big Data search

Trillion of bytes are gathered from ANPR cameras. Such a database is deeply enriched on an ongoing basis. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Macq Mobility Manager system can learn how people uses road and highway and detect abnormalities. It detects patterns of behaviours, and then apply algorithms combined with statistical analysis to put in light meaningful anomalies that indicate potential threats. Another challenge with big data is the level of knowledge that is required from a system user to understand how to interact with an interface. M 3 interface has been designed to interact quickly and easily with no need for the user to be trained during weeks.

Concrete implementation examples: