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About Macq

At Macq, we want to help Public Authority, Police Department and Companies make the smartest decisions in the fields of automation and Smart Mobility - Low Emission Zone - Citizen security and protection - road traffic engineering - Traffic data acquisition, management and analysis. We give the power to the customer by creating smart solutions, from ANPR cameras, industrial controllers to advanced software suite that have proven their reliability. We are growing rapidly since our launch 95 years ago and we are a key player in our sector. We are now looking for a person to play a key role in accelerating the growth and revolutionizing this industry.
At Macq, you will find:
  • A fun and hard working environment with passionate colleagues
  • Real responsibilities autonomy and challenges
  • Possibilities to make a real contribution to the success of the company
  • Learn and evolve your capacities and competences
  • Make a real impact on traffic and technical infrastructures!

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Martine Gobin
HR Director at Macq S.A./N.V. - HIRING!

The Position


Experienced System Engineer

Brussels, Belgium


• Responsible for managing the overall IT execution

• Analyze business needs presented by users and recommend technical solutions with completion timeline

• Maintain organization’s effectiveness and efficiency by defining, delivering, and supporting strategic plans

• Direct research in emerging technology by studying organization goals, strategies, practices, and user projects

• Produce detailed timelines and implement effective project control for each software release

• Verify application results by conducting system audits of technologies implemented

• Preserve assets by implementing disaster recovery, backup procedures, information security and control structures

• Recommend information technology strategies, policies, and procedures by evaluating organization outcomes, identifying problems, and anticipating organizational requirements

• Install hardware and peripheral components

• Load appropriate software packages such as operating systems

• Administer email and anti-virus systems

• Troubleshoot and resolve user issues relative to all corporate software in a timely manner

• Participate in all hardware and software evaluations

• Maintain quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards

Education Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent with 5 to 10 years of relevant experience

• Experience in management of IT delivery and engagement of corporate global and IT support functions

• Strong IT background required with broad exposure to IT solutions design and delivery of high end/high volume/complex solutions deployed on a global / international basis

• Detailed knowledge and experience in IT management roles inclusive of Infrastructure, Communications and Networking Technologies, office and shop floor IT equipment

• Demonstrated leadership and supervisory experience required including significant dealings with external customers

• Experience and understanding of the logistics industry required

• Project Management methodologies and tools

• Preferably trilingual (NL and UK or FR)

Necessary Skills

• Stress resistant

• Excellent problem-solving skills

• Experience in the most current technologies

• Good communications skills, written and verbal

• You are hands-on, and you are a model of 'lead by example'

• Ability to implement solutions and manage task with autonomy

• People Management/Development Capability

• Customer and result Oriented

• Prepared to share experience and knowledge

What's great in the job?

  • to be on the lookout for new technology.
  • to have the opportunity to develop your capacities in technical terms in addition to project management.
  • to work as a team and be in contact with personnel skilled in other disciplines.
  • To be part of tomorrow's visionaries.
Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
Job Security:
Overachieving Possibilities:
Team / Company Size:

100 people

Avg Deal Size:


Sales Cycle:


Company Growth:

50% YoY

Company Maturity:



A serious salary package and an open-ended contract

A dynamic framework

In an innovative company and developing cutting-edge technologies.

An exciting job

In a fast-growing company and real opportunities to evolve

Various technologies

Research and Innovation in Deep Learning, Big Data, Intelligent Mobility, Embedded Electronics and Software, Signal Processing...

Odoo CMS - a big picture
We are a company built to last

High-tech / fast growing family company since 1923, we create Smart System Solutions.

We take care of our people

And create a dynamic, fun and motivating environment. Real opportunities to evolve.

Together we create the new

And bring to market "Smart Products" using electronics and embedded computing.

A company family story

In 1923, Clément Macq, passionate about radio, founded the company and designed his first wirelessreceiver. In1968, Yvon Macq took over and designed a first generation of programmable logic controllers.François Macqsucceeded in 1997. The Smart Mobility business was born!

More about our History

In the center of Europe

We are a global company with our Headquarter Brussels based - the center of Europe. In our mainbuiling youwill find 3 huge and quiet open spaces which covers 2000 square meters. We develop businessinternationallyin all continents thanks to all partnership we have built over years.

More about our Company
Traffic Engineering

We are a global leader in creating, developing, managing and making evolve, "traffic flowsolutions"in thefields of public authorities (Smart Mobility - Low Emission Zone) | police departments(Security andprotection) | traffic engineering (data acquisition, management and analysis).

Our activities in Traffic
Industrial Automation

Our systems pave the way for high-performance automation and ensure a reliable flow of information. Latest technologies help to optimize processes, reduce costs significantly and increase the output in fields like: Smart Building | Detection of Persons | Nuclear power plants.

Our activities in Automation
My vision of the "Macq Culture" for a Newcomer The Macq culture is based on a subtle balance between enthusiasm and pessimism. This balance changes at any time from one to the other. Pessimism can have its origins in a discussion with a colleague or a client. Enthusiasm comes from a discussion with a colleague or client... Newcomer will be surprised by the company's achievements (different and varied areas) and its ability to stand the test of time. It will also be achieved through customer loyalty. At every moment, Newcomer will have the opportunity to take control of its future and switch to the state of mind that suits it. If he chooses to solve the concrete problem that arises, he will find someone at any time to propel him towards a solution. He will also very quickly feel this freedom to realize himself within society. However, the Newcomermust at all times have its "burette" which will allow it to put oil on the moving gears! In this aquarium of engineers in all fields, it is common practice to expose that everything is complex, impossible to achieve and certainly not in time. Technicians have these genes that push them to seek the latest innovation or to develop an unfinished project so that it is rare to find the satisfaction of a finished job! He never will be! The miracle is that generally everything is possible, achievable and most often with the admiration of the customer. Looking in the mirror, on the time scale and in the calendar of technological developments, the Newcomer will find the strength to overcome the task entrusted to it and the will to take its destiny into its own hands! In short, our past leads us into the future simply by knowing that if society is still well present today, it will certainly be present tomorrow to meet the challenges it faces! Macq has always been a broth of cultures (with capital letters). From the beginning, society has been a mixture of people of different origins, languages, religions, sexes, colours. A kind of business model for The Society of Tomorrow! - Written by Clairy
"Open environment, Macq is a company on a human scale with a boss with great human qualities. There is respect for everyone. Trust is a value practiced among all. Working hours are quite flexible (important for people who come to work from far away). It is nice to work on products that are very useful for everyone. The good atmosphere among colleagues is a great motivation to continue working for Macq. Five years ago, everyone knew each other. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case now: new faces are seen every week without anyone knowing who they are (an employee? an intern? a student? a client?...) - Written by Jean-François
"At Macq we always come to work in a good mood, because of the family atmosphere among our colleagues. There is also plenty of time for relaxation, so that everyone is always energetic to work. The inner man is even taken into account in all possible natural ways. Even on more difficult and stressful days, everyone tries to do their best to achieve the best for the clients, because that's how it is and will always be: client is and will always be king! If you want a good atmosphere, then you shouldn't do anything wrong with Macq. - Written by Frieda
At Macq, we don't give up. Never. In 1923, Macq was founded by 3 students who graduated from Écam with their diplomas in hand. The following year, Clément remained alone because the other two had given up. As part of a collaboration with another company to develop our new Scada, we were summoned by the CEO to Paris to be told that the project was very interesting, that the collaboration was pleasant but that they interrupted the project in the state it was in because the budget was over budget and that we would surely understand but a service company like theirs should remain reasonable... At Macq, we are not reasonable! We are passionate! We are salmon rather than sheep. In other words, we are wary of the single thought, of the politically correct. We are original, strange. We are happy to have bees on the roof. In winter, to celebrate birthdays, we share cakes, in summer, the cakes are replaced by a glacier that comes to the parking lot to serve us good ice cream. - Written by François
"Working at Macq means working in a family environment where the values of the individual and the family remain a priority. Of course, this does not prevent the presence of technical, organizational, work and relational problems as everywhere else, but the human remains at the centre and always serves as a beacon for management. Many employees have already been able and have already shown me the kindness they have received when faced with health, family or other difficulties and often through adjustments to their work schedules that have allowed them to alleviate the problems they have encountered. I remember these former employees expressing their gratitude to Macq for the attention and scheduling they received to care for their sick or dying relatives. » - Written by Olivier
"What I appreciate about Macq is that as a small or medium-sized company, everyone knows everyone and greets each other in the morning. We're not a number or just a name. There is a human side. So, when we had the misfortune of losing one of our colleagues (unfortunately already twice and both times accidentally), it affected everyone, even the boss and even those who did not immediately collaborate with the deceased person. I just think it's a pity that as we grow up, we tend to lose that dimension a little... Even if I can hope we never lose it completely. » - Written by Myriam
“I am proud to announce that, at the moment, I’m working 10 years for Macq. During these 10 years, I have seen a company that is all the time evolving and always trying to adapt to the needs of the market we are active in. For my point of view, the best way to describe the DNA of our company, is the open and entrepreneurial approach. I always have the feeling that at Macq, every person is able to have a positive impact on the way the company works. The positive side, anyhow from my point of view, is that the company gives you a lot of responsibility and allows you to grow in all aspects and, important, to make mistakes” - Written by Injaas
"I haven't been here long, but I don't regret at all that I resigned from my former employer to come to Macq. The welcome is perfect and the integration is natural. There is a certain chaos in Macq that makes this society endearing and the people who work in it human... I heard within the walls Macq "chaos will come out of something"... it sums up Macq's optimism and positivism. Thank you for these first 3 months. » - Written by Jessica
"Macq is a real anthill in perpetual effervescence! » - Written by Michel
"Morocco. At one point a person asks another person to come and install a G3 camera in Morocco (around April). Not surprisingly, the camera does not recognize the Arabic character of the plate and its separators (but fortunately at least the Arabic numerals). After that another person asks another person to make sure that the G3 can recognize Moroccan plates. By chance, a fifth person hears this (at the café!) and arranges to retrieve the images to have them encoded by a student (end of July). Then nothing happens except that a 6th person hears 2 of the first four people complaining to a 7th person that if nothing is done for September 4th we lose all the potential of 4000 cameras in Morocco. It's August 24th... This 6th person talks to the 5th person who will talk to people 2, 4 and 7 about it and decides to ask people 8 and 9 to work hard to save the demo of September 4th. By of course shaking up their schedule... They work there during the week and of course part of the weekend. We add a 10th person for the connection with M³. An 11th to try the MMR in Morocco in M³. 100 emails are exchanged between people 5, 8 and 9 including Monday 3/9 tests. The last modification is made on 4/9 before 9am! And finally the presentation is a great success! » - Written by Alain
"If I had to describe Macq in three adjectives, it would be freedom, kindness and greed. Freedom first of all because everyone is free to make their own choices within their prerogatives. I remember Gilles telling me before I was hired: "I don't want to be a monkey code, that's why I like Macq". I agree with him! In this respect, Macq is very different from the many intellectual cemeteries that can be found in his career. Then there is kindness because Macq offers a humane and pleasant working environment. I am not talking about excessive marshmallows but about cordiality and interest in the individual, personally. Morning greetings, a friendly break at 10 a.m. and questions asked to newcomers allow you to quickly integrate. We can also say what we want to do professionally and it is rewarding. Finally, gourmet delights because there are plenty of opportunities to eat (well!)! Ice cream, cakes, barbecues, weekly fries, soup and even organic vegetables, food at Macq is serious!" - Written by Guillaume