smart city

Technology for cities

Macq recently installed its license plates recognition system in some major Belgian cities.

Local authorities were looking for an efficient answer to solve the growing traffic congestion. Especially, the local police authorities could not control the traffic anymore: vehicles stolen or involved in drug traffic, vehicles exceeding the speed limits, road tax or unpaid insurance…

Macq solved the problem thanks to its modern, automated, reliable, and integrated iCAR system based on vehicles license plate recognition.

The proven technology is now implemented. Smart cameras are installed at several locations on the road in and around the city. They detect, read and recognize the license plates with accuracy of over 95% in different weather conditions.

The information is sent to the central back office system. The secured and encrypted information is processed in real time, based on its different modules:

  • Authorize and non-authorize vehicles control
  • Journey time measurement
  • Average-speed enforcement
  • Number of vehicles along a road
  • Areas of low and high congestion
  • Frequency, location and cause of road works
  • Border control

Now police officers have now a full mastering of the traffic. It gets automated, on the spot notification in case of traffic offences and can intervenes much more efficiently.

Our back office system can generate all the fines automatically.

Authorities are now considering an extension of the system for a broader coverage.