Satellite reservation software

The French TV channel FR3 has a specific mission: be present and report on local events throughout France. By means of regional cutaways, the channel’s different production centres can transmit local information. Operators thus own a large number of satellite retransmission vehicles in the form of vans equipped with parabolic antennas.
FR3 was looking for a company capable of developing central management software for satellite channel reservations to enable them to retransmit information from anywhere in France and according to the multiple needs of the different regional centres.
This software must:
Be perfectly reliable, as the good transmission of events depends thereon
Be accessible throughout France, with an interface proposed by a website
Be easy to use, with the number of users being important and not the number of computer specialists
Comply with a very specific demand, with existing commercial solutions not meeting this demand
Whether this involves a football match in Bastia, a cycle race in Lille or a local election in Alsace, Macq takes part in the quick and efficient broadcasting of this information so that you can then watch this on your television screen at any time.