Processing units

A processor, a few surrounding circuits and above all the idea of using all of this in an original and exploitable situation. But what a long journey before any commercial product is produced!

Today, wonderful products can be created with simply a handful of components. However, the idea is not everything! This needs to work in a reliable and economically viable manner. Macq can provide you with its long experience in this field.

These developments revolve around hardware and software, which must both be deployed in the most precise and professional manner possible. We can support you in both of these two fields.

The solution can be deployed on a third party platform, on a Macq platform or on a platform developed for this purpose, however must always correspond to demand and comply with the following criteria:

Be reliable, without error or omission

Be reproducible for smooth production

Be safe, not generate damage or faults

Comply with the standards in effect

Be cost-effective in terms of equipment and implementation