Programmable controller P5

P5 industrial controller

Open, robust, efficient and versatile, the P5 controller constitutes the base element behind industrial automation.

Integrated into the “Open source” LINUX environment, this controller has 10 main advantages:

  • Simple wiring
  • Industrial robustness
  • Fully versatile
  • Processing power
  • Multi-platform development
  • Standard programming language
  • Online modification
  • Open software
  • Fully integrated with monitoring
  • Available 24 hours a day
    – 32-bit ColdFire Processor
    – Multiple memory (1MB SRAM, 16 MB DRAM and 8 MB Flash)
    – Hardware architecture into multiple 19 “rack 3U
    – 16 card slots per chassis
    – Connectors only in front
    – Up to 2000 I / O controlled by PLC
    – Complete freedom card position in the frame
    – Support of 2 to 20 serial communication lines
    – Basic Communication Ethernet
    – Integration of communication standard protocols
    – Total absence of mechanical moving parts
    – Programming, configuration and analysis under Windows or Linux
    – Programming and diagnosis without disruption of the functioning
    – Possibility of programming languages compatible IEC1131-3


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