Automatic recognition of the orange plaques used to signal the type of hazardous materials transported by heavy goods vehicles.

Based on proven automatic registration plate recognition technology

Vehicles transporting hazardous materials on European motorways must comply with a certain number of rules. The ADR is the European agreement for the international carriage of dangerous goods by road. This agreement imposes among others the presence of a plaque displaying the danger codes and type of product transported, at the front and rear of the vehicle.

The plaques are orange and measure 30 × 40 cm at least. They are divided in two widthways.

From a single image or a video flux, iCAR-ADR is able to extract the codification for the hazardous materials transported by a heavy goods vehicle.

iCAR-ADR is used to check the hazardous goods present on a section of road or in a tunnel, etc. It can also be used for curbing or for statistical purposes.

iCAR simultaneously detects and recognises registration plates and hazardous material plaques.iCAR-CAM-ADR-ENG

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