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Human presence detection

An escalator must meet the following three essential criteria:
Guarantee permanent operation,
Require minimal maintenance,
Guarantee absolute safety
In order to guarantee safety, the escalator is equipped with an emergency stop button; however, its manual reactivation must be performed by staff on-site, which leads to additional downtime and costs. In order to overcome this disadvantage, Macq has developed a reliable human presence detection system enabling the escalator to be automatically reactivated.
Its operation is based on the presence of a set of infrared beam detection channels covering the entire length of the escalator, including the landing platforms; the beams are quickly explored one after the other and any break instantly indicates the presence of a person. If the system does not detect any human presence after being stopped, it automatically reactivates the escalator, which can therefore be restarted when desired by its users.
The bars containing the detection channels are installed along the entire length of the escalator. They are both sealed and shock resistant.
The system can therefore fulfil other important functions such as:
Only activating the appliance upon request and thus replacing the landing contact plates,
Modifying escalator speed according to its level of occupancy
Enabling reversible ascending and descending operation based on a user call detection system.