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Embedded public transport station

The RATP decided to abandon its analogue radio communication network and install a completely digital TETRA-type network. To benefit the most from this opportunity, which requires the renewal of the embedded equipment, it also planned to install a new embedded system which, in addition to vocal communication, allows for the transmission of a large amount of data to the network management centre.
The implementation of this new system was entrusted to the Belgian company AEG TranzCom, specialised in TETRA transmissions, which sub-contracted the computer software and digital electronics part of this contract to Macq.
In the long-term, all Parisian vehicles will be equipped with this system, which represents up to:
900 metros
360 rapid transit trains
200 tramways
4,000 buses
This equipment, which is embedded under often critical conditions, must comply with road and rail-related requirements. Macq provided its industrial experience so as to guarantee the compliance of this system with very strict user standards.
Mass production also meets very strict criteria with the expectation of almost zero equipment returns.