The DreamsII-SAT server

Dreams-II Sat server

This server manages and controls television transmission and reception channels.

The DreamsII-SAT server both manages and controls television transmission channels; it is installed in a 19” rack. The software was developed by Macq.

The server currently supports the following equipment: Encoder NDS 3000, Modulator NDS 3000, IRD NDS 3000, Encoder NDS 5710, Modulator NTC 2080, IRD ALTEIA, IRD TT1260, Up Convertor 2042, Combiner UPC 2073, Modulator 2180, Modulator 2280, IRD TT 1282, Encoder SA 9050, Encoder NDS 5000, Encoder NEL 5100, IRD RX1290, IRD SC2981, Combiner NTC 2173, Combiner AZ750, Encoder NDS5782, Encoder NDS 8040, Encoder NEL 9100 Receiver IRD RX 8000, Modulator AZ10. This is an open system and new equipment can be added.

The DreamsII-SAT server communicates with equipment by SNMP (or by serial protocol via a terminal server for older versions). It can control up to 512 transmission or reception channels.

The server communicates with operator interfaces which control and manage the transmission and reception equipment.

They can therefore:

  • consult and modify the parameter values recorded in the equipment,
  • apply a frequency plan which automatically calculates all parameters to be sent to the equipment,
  • select a RAS, BISS-1 or BISS-E key,
  • configure the equipment with the parameters calculated,
  • start or stop a transmission.

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