Crossroads traffic light controller

Macq is a specialist in providing and programming control stations for traffic light signals at intersections.

Road traffic management at intersections is often performed by traffic lights. Coupled with a large number of detectors providing them with a clear view of all traffic, increasingly complex control operations are required to manage vehicle flows in the most efficient manner possible.

For twenty years, Macq has provided the large majority of traffic light boxes installed at intersections in the Walloon region and has been developing associated control programmes.

As a road operator, you can entrust us with all missions relating to implementing your infrastructure:

  • Studying intersection traffic and drawing up an appropriate control system
  • Proposing the installation of detectors and traffic lights
  • Creating control station programming
  • Providing adapted equipment compliant with the legislation in effect
  • Commissioning the traffic light intersection
  • Maintenance follow-ups and intervention in the event of a breakdown

Our vast experience enables us to promise you the easy, optimal creation of your intersection.


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