Vehicle classification and counting

Vehicle classification and counting

Macq is complementing its inductive loop counting and classification system with a comprehensive range of aerial measurement instruments (camera, laser and radar) with a much wider range of possibilities…

Intrusive sensors

Counting systems using inductive loops remain the most widespread technique for vehicle counting. Many sites are equipped with Macq stations for acquiring and processing the data received from these loop sensors.

Certified and integrated algorithms obtain relevant and reliable results locally for data on traffic flows, rates, classes and speeds, which is then transmitted to central presentation and archiving sites.

Non-intrusive sensors

Alongside our decades of experience in measuring equipment implementing radar and laser technology, for the last ten years we have also been developing classification and counting cameras.

These latest developments implementing video analysis are all the more interesting as they can be easily integrated into our registration plate recognition technology to offer a truly innovative traffic management video sensor!

Our solution includes a high-definition digital camera, iCAR-CLASS. This is coupled with a powerful processor that analyses traffic in real time and communicates with a counting station via Ethernet link. The fully-integrated system begins by proportioning the scene and automatically determining the number of lanes on the road.

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