Average speed measurement

Average speed measurement

Macq precisely determines the average speed of vehicles travelling on a section of road by identifying their registration plate at both ends of a given journey.

How is average speed measured?
The main advantage of determining speed excesses using this method is its very precise measurement and reasonable cost. Furthermore, average speed measurements taken over complete sections of road eliminate the effects of last-minute braking by regular motorists, which is a defect specific to spot radar or laser solutions.

The section of road on which the average speed test is checked is generally several kilometres in length. Speed precision is therefore one thousand times greater than the best radar and laser technology currently available.

This system is often used for prevention purposes. Repressive use is also possible with solutions approved by the Belgian and Dutch ministries.

The very first two preventive experiments on French motorways (2003 and 2004) were conducted using our iCAR-CAM equipment!

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